World Bank (Transaction Centre III) - The Third Rural Finance Project – Mid term Socio-economic Impact Assessment Review - 2011

Project Description:

The Development Objective of the Third Rural Finance Project (RF) was to increase economic benefits for rural private enterprises and households by improving their access to finance. The expected outcomes included:

(i) improved access to financial services for rural entrepreneurs

(ii) increased capital investment made by the rural entrepreneurs as well as increased employment

(iii) increased lending, particularly term lending to the rural private sector for capital investment by all participating financial institutions (PFIs) on market-based terms.

Mekong Economics accomplished the following work:

(i) On-desk reviewing secondary data and materials provided by PMU and PFIs

(ii) Conducting a survey of more than 500 end-borrowers to assess project socio-economic impact on end borrowers

(iii) Conducting in-depth interviews with more than 50 individuals representing the PFIs and other related agencies

(iv) Processing collected data, preparing and finalizing required report (draft and final report).