The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Short – Term Consultant for The Round Table Process (RTP) - 2011

Project Description:

The Round Table Process (RTP) was the national mechanism to promote constructive dialogue and cooperation between the Government and development partners for the achievement of national development goals including the MDGs and LDC graduation. To assist donors and Lao Government for the Annual Round Table Implementation Meeting in November 2011, MKE had:

  • Provided an update and overview of Lao PDR’s key macro-economic and social development indicators, as well as challenges and outlook.

  • Provided a brief overview and description of the 7th NSEDP 2011-215 recently formulated under the leadership of MPI, as well as examined updates in the development of social development factors in the context of the MDGs and progress towards targets set for 2015

  • Took a look at the financing side for achieving the MDGs

  • Provided an analysis of the enabling environment, including an update on the business environment, and a review and analysis of the target of LDC graduation for Lao PDR by 2020.