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Young Professionals Scheme 2019 – International Development

MKE operates a Young Professionals scheme, recruiting 3-4 young international graduates a year. The YPs, who are based either in Yangon and/or Hanoi, work on modest incomes for work experience. They quickly experience the steep learning-curve of international development consultancy and start to build a strong CV. The understanding is that Dr. McCarty, MKE Chief Economist, will plug them into all sorts of work and networks, and they can ask to be part of, or "chase", particular projects.

Please follow: 1b ToR for YP Position.pdf which explains the role and qualifications of Young Professional staff.

Application will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.
If any is interested in applying for the scheme, please email We will then provide further details about the scheme and explain the next steps in the application process.

Should any post graduate students wish to have more details before applying, they can contact our former Young Professionals, such as Merabi George Chkhenkeli They can also contact a current YP, Harriet McFadzean who now works at our Yangon office.

Mekong Internship Scheme - International Development

At Mekong Economics you Will have the opportunity to conduct impactful and challenging work in the international development sector. MKE is involved in around 10 to 15 assignments per year with a range Of clients including the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, bilateral donor agencies, international NGOs, and other international institutions. Interns are assigned a Line Manager, who will be responsible for guiding the work of the intern and placing them on projects.

Our projects cover a range of sectors including rural development, social development, and private sector development. They involve designing interventions, measuring the impact of long-term programmes, collecting data and informing programme design. Most of our projects involve field work and primary data collection, as well as analysis. It is important for interns to be comfortable in both quantitative (statistical) and qualitative research methods. Interns Will also have the opportunity to contribute to business development activities, which may involve preparing and writing project proposals, including technical methodologies and data collection strategy.

At Mekong Economics, due to our cross-sectoral skills and expertise, the projects we work on vary from month to month, it's therefore essential for interns to arrive with a wide range Of interests, ready to contribute to the region's ever-changing development process.

Join us as an intern for a position up to six months based in Myanmar and/or Vietnam.