Irish Aid - Scoping study to explore cooperation in the agriculture & agribusiness sectors under Irish Development Experience Sharing Programme - 2014

Project Description:

Irish Aid’s Bilateral Programme with Vietnam commenced in 2005. Ireland’s 2007-2010 strategy for Vietnam and the subsequent 2011 – 2015 strategy contained a commitment to develop bilateral experience exchange links between Ireland and Vietnam with particular reference to economic and private sector development via an Irish Development Experience Sharing Programme (IDEAS).

As Ireland’s c­­urrent strategy for Vietnam 2011-2015 was coming to an end, Irish Aid wished to explore the potential of new areas for knowledge exchange that could be incorporated into a new phase of the IDEAS programme post 2015. In preparation for the new phase of the IDEAS programme, MKE drafted a paper to undertake preparatory work prior to the scoping study by Embassy, with a specific focus in the agriculture and agribusiness sectors.