International Trade Center (ITC) - Consumer survey on preferences for animal and plant products for Traditional Asian Medicine - 2015

Description of the Project:

ITC helped firms in developing countries integrate into the global economy through capacity building and access to trade intelligence. In order to understand more about how to structure markets for sustainability, ITC commissioned MKE to carry out a consumer preferences survey of the use of animal for the market for Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM), including rhino horns. The current project aimed to assess the characteristics and drivers of demand for wildlife for use in traditional medicine in Vietnam.

MKE conducted face-to-face interviews with representatives of companies supplying TAMs and also interviewed 1,000 individuals through Vietnam on the use of TAM and rhino horns (300 rhino horn users and 700 rhino horn non-users but who used at least a kind of TAM were interviewed using structured questionnaires). The project was carried out in close consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and supervised by the ITC’s Trade and Environment Program.