The World Bank - National Community Driven Development Project - 2013

Project Description:

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar had received a grant in the amount of US$ 80 million from the World Bank toward the cost of its National Community Driven Development Project, which was being implemented by the Department of Rural Development (DRD). The objective of the project was to enable poor rural communities to benefit from improved access to and use of basic infrastructure and services through a people-centered approach, and to enhance the government’s capacity to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency.  This approach would empower villagers to manage and participate in their own development.

The objective would be achieved through: (i) financing community-identified rural infrastructure investments; (ii) strengthening the capacity of communities in partnership with local authorities to effectively identify, plan, and implement their development priorities; and (iii) facilitating the participation of the poor and vulnerable, both women and men, throughout the project cycle at the community level.

MKE played the role of local partner in the consortium with Agriconsulting and Inacon. MKE provided three out of ten experts for the team, covering the following areas; Management of Information Systems specialist, Training Specialist, and Grievance Handling Specialist.  The team worked in close partnership with the DRD to sustainably increase capacity to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate participatory development projects at the township and centralized-government level.