International Trade Centre - Company-level survey on Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) and obstacles to Trade in Vietnam - 2019

Project Description:

Within the framework of ITC’s programme on NTMs and in close collaboration with national stakeholders, ITC carried out the NTM Survey in Vietnam. The survey helped to identify at product, sector and partner country-level the predominant barriers to trade that Vietnam’s business sector currently faces when complying with the NTMs. The survey also helped identifying potential bottlenecks at the national level with regards to the infrastructure and capabilities to meet the regulations. ITC contracted Mekong Economics to conduct this survey on behalf of ITC. The Survey has two components: Component 1: “NTM Survey on Trade in Goods”, Component 2: “Survey on Obstacles to Services Trade”

The required number of completed phone screen interviews was:

Component 1: between 1000-1200,

Component 2: 280.

The required number of completed face-to-face interviews was:

Component 1: between 400-500,

Component 2: 100.