e.Gen Consultants Ltd. / ADB - Second Upper Secondary Education Development Project - 2019

Description of the Project :

The Second Upper Secondary Education (USE) Development Project (the Project/USEDP II) is financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Viet Nam. The Project helps the Government promote its ongoing reform initiative for USE through upgrading of teaching and learning to international standards, improving student access and retention, and strengthening school management for USE. The Project is national in scope, with investments to improve access targeted to selected disadvantaged provinces. The objectives of the consultant’s services were to provide all necessary support to the Central Project Management Unit (CPMU) in ensuring the smooth and efficient implementation of the Project, as well as providing technical expertise in a variety of fields, including financial management, procurement management, staff development, monitoring and evaluation, and overall coordination support for the Project.

Mekong Economics provided an Expert on Capacity Development for USE Planning and Management to complete the following tasks under the lead of the international consultant:

  • Undertaking an assessment of management capacity and planning capacity of managers in MOET, DOETs, USSs, complimentary education schools and CECs having complimentary programs for USE. The assessment will highlight constraints and weaknesses, where these exist, in the current system, and recommend remedial measures.

  • Conducting a comparative study on management capacity development of educational administrators in various countries, and proposing initiatives and frameworks for capacity development of USE management in Vietnam;

  • Assisting the CPMU in arranging in-country training for USS principals;

  • Assisting the CPMU in arranging in-country training for CEC directors;

  • Preparing monitoring and evaluation framework and evaluation indicators for capacity development for targeted groups;

  • Assisting the CPMU in designing and implementing OST for core USS managers;

  • Assisting CPMU in developing school mapping software for USSs.

  • Assisting CPMU in implementing block grants for local government to develop management capacity, including: planning, implementation, M&E, etc.

  • Assisting CPMU in evaluating the implementation of capacity development for USE planning and management in targeted provinces and proposing recommendations in capacity development for managers in order to improve USE quality