Castalia Advisors - National Electrification Program: Preparation of Road map and Investment Financing Prospectus - 2013

Project Description:

In January 2013, the Government of Myanmar adopted an ambitious target to achieve universal electrification by 2030. To achieve this goal, the inter-ministerial National Energy Management Committee (NEMC), intended to develop a National Electrification Program (NEP), setting out the framework for expanding electricity access in Myanmar.

The World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program was working on behalf of the Government to prepare the program. It had contracted specialist firms to prepare the necessary (a) geospatial least-cost rollout plan and (b) the financial road map and investment prospectus. MKE’s involvement only concerned part (b).

MKE was working with Castalia, an advisory firm specialising in governance and regulation of infrastructure services, to prepare the ‘NEP Road Map and Investment Financing Prospectus’. The NEP Road Map would set out the key interim actions and targets, and would define the institutional framework required to implement the program in the least-cost manner. The Investment Prospectus would identify the viability gap, based on an understanding of Columbia University’s least-cost geospatial plan and reasonable tariffs than can be charged. It would then recommend potential funding sources. This Investment Prospectus would be used by the Government to attract financing and funding for achieving universal electrification by 2030. MKE helped to collect, verify and explain relevant data to Castalia, while providing relevant electricity sector related updates and a local insight on specific Castalia outputs through reviews and editing.