Coffey International Development - Burma Humanitarian and Resilience Programme (HARP) Facility - 2016

Project Description:

The Burma HARP Facility was intended to reduce poverty and suffering of crisis affected people in Burma and the Thailand border areas as well as enhance resilience and capacity to respond to future humanitarian needs.

The objective of this analysis was to assess the key challenges and gaps in addressing humanitarian needs through analysing the current macro level political economy in Burma, and to provide specific regional level analysis should be focused on the Thailand Border Area, Kachin, Northern Shan and Rakhine States.

MKE analysed on a variety of issues, including the immediate humanitarian needs in the HARP-focused areas, the key actors in the humanitarian sector, processes and coordination in the humanitarian sector, and ends with analysis on potential issues and considerations needed for the execution of a project in Myanmar. MKE also reviewed of the wider historical, socio-economic and cultural environment (including an overview of the political situation in Burma).