The Multilateral Trade Assistance Project Vietnam II, a continuation of MUTRAP I and its extension and bridging phases, was financed by the European Commission in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, MOIT, which is also the executing agency. The project’s purpose was to “strengthen the capacity of the government of Vietnam and Vietnamese stakeholders for managing WTO accession and meet their commitments and challenges from other international and regional trade related agreements.”

The specific objective of this assignment was (i) to draft an Action Fiche (AF) for HSPSP, which is the EC format for a technical and financing proposal; (ii) to propose a result framework linked to a disbursement schedule, while examining a possibility to use fixed and variable tranches; and (iii) a detailed formulation report, updating the seven key assessment areas and containing all justifications for the above-mentioned AF and its contents. The comments of AIDCO’s QSG on the Identification Fiche for HSPSP will be dealt with during the formulation.

The general objective of the assignment was to analyze the gender aspects of the Avian Influenza (AI) crisis in three countries of South-east Asia and to propose guidelines for mainstreaming gender in actions to be funded by the European Commission in the framework of its external response to the AI crisis.

The global objective of this assignment was to implement the evaluation of the additional EC contribution to the newly joined countries as well as to assess the project’s overall achievements to date in terms of sustainability, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and relevance.

The overall objective of the study was to assess how the trade and trade-related provisions of the FTA being negotiated between the EU and ASEAN could affect social, environmental and developmental issues in the EU area and in ASEAN member countries.