The overall objective of the project was “to strengthen institutional arrangements and build capacity within MoNRE and its provincial line departments in order to support the strategic investigation and management of regional water resources for efficient development so as to reach Vietnam’s Development Goals (VDGs)”. The specific objectives of the project were (i) improving water resources protection and strategic water resources planning; (ii) increased public awareness about the protection of water resources; and (iii) building Water Resource Management capacity amongst the staff of the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment/ Department of Natural Resource and Environment’ s. 

The following two initiatives were assessed as part of the “Evaluation of the performance of the Belgium Technical Cooperation (BTC) 2009” 1).Strengthening of the institutional capacity of the Vietnam Women’s Union to manage savings and credit programs for rural poor women (phase II) ((Social Development through Micro-credit) 2). Supporting the Public Administrative Reform Programme in Can Tho Province. The main objectives of the evaluation were to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of these two initiatives and improve the performance of BTC through lessons learned and recommendations.