For the purpose of harmonization in reporting and monitoring, the consultants worked with PMUs, the LMDG, Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and other GOVN related agencies to produce a sample Progress Report, which was the first harmonizing step in an attempt to recommend possible solutions towards achieving a ‘unified format for monitoring and reporting grant TA projects’ of the report that the PMU sends to MPI and the LMDG (CIDA, DFID, SIDA, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, GTZ, DANIDA, AusAID and Switzerland

A comparative study of DFID's aid strategy in India, China and Vietnam. The objective of the consultancy was to: (a) review the different aid instruments currently being used in terms of policy influence and impact on poverty outcomes; and (b) make recommendations concerning the appropriate balance and synergies between different types of aid instruments for different country contexts.

This project consisted of a survey of microfinance in Vietnam as a follow-up to a similar UNDP survey in 1996. The need was not simply due to the time lapse, but also because larger multilateral donors were showing greater interest in funding microfinance activity. It was, therefore, a good time to survey the sector and identify strategic issues and “lessons learned” for their benefit. The results of the survey were presented to more than 100 representatives in Vietnam and overseas. The survey and report focused on rural microfinance schemes, particularly those aimed at improving the lives of the poor.

The Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam implemented a 3-year project to improve the quality of the primary teacher training system. This component aimed at revising the regulations and compensation mechanism to enable teachers to provide full day schooling, for schools to teach all subjects in a new primary curriculum and to improve deployment of teachers. The component also aimed at establishing a link between salaries and professional performance as well as ensuring the appropriate appointment, assessment, rewards and sanctions for teachers in schools. The provision of international consultancy services built upon the existing research and consultation plans and provided guidance and technical support for the implementation of the component.

Study that provided inputs into the University of East Anglia (UK) project on Globalisation, Production and Poverty: Macro, meso and micro level studies. The overall objective of the project was to analyse the impacts of closer integration with the global economy on incomes, particularly of the poor, in four countries, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa and Vietnam.